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Our Current Sermon Series

Sermon Series Note:

Why do followers of Jesus pray? How does one pray? What’s the point of it, anyway? How does one know if it even works? These are just some of the questions you hear from people about prayer, and there are so many more! 

As followers of Jesus, we believe that prayer is fundamental  to our lives, because it was for Jesus. Curious to learn more and maybe even practice prayer along with us this summer?

Come and explore with us. Tune in to these messages online here or on Facebook, or come join us and receive a warm welcome Sunday mornings at 9:30AM as we gather to sing, talk with God, and listen to his Word, the Bible, and continue to be filled and shaped by the Holy Spirit each week.

Programs and Ministries

Family Meal Time

Scheduled variously throughout the year – Sue Plockmeyer and Sue Knoll

Come enjoy a delicious home cooked meal at Gibson for the Gibson family and any guests.

Christian Neighbors

Ongoing ministry 

We seek to bless and be an integral part of the neighborhood and community around us. As such, Gibson is enthusiastically participative and supportive of Christian Neighbors–an ongoing ecumenical ministry of the Saugatuck-Douglas area churches united to share God’s love by providing goods and services to those in need of our community.


Provided every Sunday during the service – Laura Page

(Currently paused, but as a congregation that celebrates and embraces the opportunity to be an intergenerational community, we love to have children with us in worship.)


Tuesdays 7:00-8:45PM (September 12-November 7, 2023) – Pastor Rod

ALPHA is gathering for anyone wishing to explore the big questions and meaning of life. Through food and relationship, a video presentation, and then open discussion with others, we will explore some of life’s big questions and the basics of Christian faith together. Maybe, you yourself have been coming to church for the longest time but aren’t quite sure why, anymore. Maybe you consider yourself a Christian already, but something has happened in your life or the world that has brought up new questions or skepticism in you. Anyone is welcome.  If you’re asking questions and wondering what following Jesus is all about, this is the place for you! Email Pastor Rod at to secure your place in this exciting group!

Children’s Church

Every other Sunday during the church service – Laura Page

Children are always welcome at any of our worship experiences, but Children’s Church is a specially created time for younger children with age-appropriate activities and Bible stories during our worship services for any parents desiring their children to have this experience.

(Currently paused, but as a congregation that celebrates and embraces the opportunity to be an intergenerational community, we love to have children with us in worship.)

Prayer Circle

Sunday mornings 9 am before worship – Jim Dokter & Jami Viening

Part of the ongoing prayer ministry of Gibson Church, any who wish to join together before our Sunday worship experience are welcome to join in a time of prayer thanks and requests for Gibson Church, its members, and guests, the worship experience, and more. “Holy Spirit, come…”


Sue Plockmeyer and Sue Knoll

Gibson Church is a warm, friendly, inviting, enfolding, loving, and hospitable community. We gather for coffee and homemade baked treats after our morning worship services. We love to gather and spend time together, often sharing a meal or other special activity. These special family fellowship times are planned throughout the year and enjoyed by all who attend.

Neighborhood Hangouts

Vision Implementation Team

We are FOR Laketown, for our neighbors. So, we love to meet our neighbors and neighborhood, get to know them, and offer a place of connection and belonging. We hold at least one summer food truck event, along with various other opportunities for neighbors to get to know us and each other better, too. Watch our social media pages for these scheduled events.  

Book Club

Anne Brand and Kerri Brandsen

Reading stories gives us the opportunity to reflect, share, and look for God in our own stories and world. Book Club is open to the women, friends, and neighbors of Gibson and Laketown. Generally, monthly book discussions take place on a Monday evening around a book selected to read each month by the group. Accompanying the lively discussion are snacks and conversations around life and faith, and God’s presence in our own stories. 

Gibson Guys

Pastor Rod and Tom Drnek

Gibson Guys is a gathering for the men, friends, and neighbors of Gibson in Laketown. We meet the same Monday evening as Book Club, generally. We gather to build relationships and belonging with each other around some light food, a fun activity, and, most importantly, encouragement in our faith around an Encounter with God in his Word together.


Thursdays At The Felt Summer Concert Series 2024

We always look forward to each summer’s Concert Series, and partnering with the Felt.

Line-up for 2024:

  • July 11 – Zion Lion
  • July 18 – The Shrock Bros
  • July 25 – Bernadette Kathryn and the Lonely Days Band
  • August 1 – Lighting Matches

We are FOR Laketown. That means that we love to partner with events and activities in our neighborhood where we can participate and serve for the good of Laketown. We will be at the Felt Concert Series each Thursday evening beginning July 11-August 1. We’ll have some free ice cream and we’d love to meet any and all who come out to the concerts. When you’re at the Felt Concerts, come on by, introduce yourself, and get some ice cream! See you there! For more information, visit



The Frostbite Marathon Relay, January 14, 2024

Gibson Church is honored to partner with the Frostbite as  “race central south” for this annual fun event that takes place in Holland and Laketown Township. The course  takes runners and teams right past Gibson Church and a little further to the Saugatuck State park before the course heads back to the city of Holland. We open up our facilities and hospitality for warmth, clothing changes, food, drink, and just good conversation around the marathon experience. Church members gather to serve, cheer, give direction, parking, and whatever is needed to support anyone running or supporting anyone running. If you’re running, we’d love to offer you some warm hospitality to go along with your fun running experience. See you there!

2024 Concert Poster