We Praise God For:

  • The new guest worship leaders he has provided to lead our singing at Gibson
  • Guests he is leading to our worship experiences in person and online at Gibson
  • The awareness of the Spirit’s presence and energy in our worship and service

We ask God For:

  • The Holy Spirit to continue to bless our discernment process for the next chapter in the story and ministry of Gibson Church, and as we participate in the Worship Renewal Lab beginning in October.
  • All of our students having returned to school with an uncertain future and schedule ahead
  • All teachers and administrators trying to make good and wise decisions for all of the children and adults in our school systems
  • Students and parents in a new season of homeschooling
  • The Bos’s in Oman
  • Bonnie Greydanus teaching in Luthuania
  • Unity, wisdom, justice, and peace in our nation and community
  • Healing our world from Covid 19, and stopping its spread.