Renewal Update- July 2022

Let me paint a picture for you of where the Spirit has been leading us over the last 2 years, and then share with you some of the foundation for this vision. 

Imagine with me a God-preferred, Holy Spirit-discerned future for Gibson Church over the next 5 years that looks something like this by God’s grace and the indwelling of his Holy Spirit:

  • We will fully and wholly embrace Laketown as our parish using public spaces like parks as places for gathering, meeting, fellowshipping, serving our neighbors, and offering our grounds and facilities in missionally hospitable service to our neighbors, too.
  • We will be a local church that would be missed by her neighbors if she ceased to exist near the corner of 65th and 140th in Laketown because flourishing and shalom would be experienced less by our neighbors and in our neighborhood
  • We will have meaningful engagement with 500 Laketown Neighbors through a variety of creative events of missional hospitality and outreach 
  • We will be known for our joy, fellowship, generosity, and gratitude to God in our lives and in our worship 
  • We will be available and ready to come alongside 50 explorers each year on a journey toward God engaged in ALPHA
  • Our sanctuary will be filled with at least 100 worshipers each week, as God adds to our numbers, people brought into fellowship, belonging, and faith through missional hospitality, outreach, and discipleship
  • We will obey Jesus’ commission to go and make disciples, baptizing them, and then teaching them to obey everything he commanded…and in doing that we will see 50 people baptized through missional hospitality, outreach, and discipleship
  • We will see a congregation that passionately pursues Spiritual growth and maturity by 
    • abiding in God’s Word every day
    • talking with him and listening to his Spirit every day
    • Encouraging each other in the same
    • engaging in God’s Word and Sacrament in regular worship
    • participating in spiritual disciplines and discipleship pathways
    • Walking humbly with God, and living Gospel-oriented lives of justice and righteousness, seeking and caring for the poor and marginalized even in our neighborhood
    • In summary, we will be a congregation of authentic Jesus followers who are believing, self-feeding, maturing, and multiplying
  • We will become a multigenerational congregation with at least a third of the congregation 18 years or younger
  • We will be a congregation who values and participates in intentional intergenerational mentoring and discipling relationships
  • We will be a congregation who once again returns to organized status, with the human and financial resources to support leadership and the mission and vision of Gibson Church 

Sound like a lot? Too much? Too big?

Awesome! Amen!

That means this is a God-sized vision and not one we could ever come up with on our own, or certainly accomplish on our own!

It is a vision that keeps us humble and drives us to our knees before God in utter dependence upon him. This is a vision that drives us desperately and ceaselessly to seek the filling of the Spirit every day.

This is a vision that will require some big swings at the plate for the Gospel and for the Kingdom. We are not talking about tweaking a few things, but rethinking, reimagining everything in service to the Gospel and to the Kingdom in this time and in this place. This vision requires new wineskins for new wine!

Oh, there will continue to be routine steps of faithfulness that have always been part of the Gibson Faith community, but this is a new day with new opportunities, and new challenges that we face. After many, many years of fruitful and vibrant ministry, Gibson has been stripped down over the past years due to a number of factors, many of them intimately known by many of you even better than me.

But, God is calling us and equipping us to be a mighty Spirit-filled force in Laketown engaged in creative and fresh approaches to mission in this time and in this place. 

And this Vision requires all of us to be an all-hands-on-deck congregation on expedition, joining God on mission. This cannot be carried by only a few. The picture I painted does not come about by one specific committee’s work, one team’s assigned task. We are all investing. We all carry responsibility here. We’ll think more about that, too, in the coming weeks.

This is a vision that will result in joy, gratitude, awe, and even surprise, I expect. 

But isn’t that exciting?

That’s a vision I want to jump onto and join!

So, that’s the picture. That’s the top of the pyramid.

The foundational levels of this vision pyramid rest on Mission, Vision, and Values. The green card you see pictured here, and that you have received, or will receive at church captures these vitally important base levels of the pyramid. We will dig more deeply into all of these in our Vision22 sermon series over the course of the rest of the summer.